The Difference Between A Full Face Mask And A Traditional Snorkel Mask

If you are a beginner when it comes to snorkeling, you might want to know the difference between a full face snorkel mask and a traditional snorkel mask. You understand the implications that this kind of knowledge has on your new-found pastime activity. And the option that you decide to purchase will influence the experience that you will get. If you are toying as to whether you can go for a full face snorkel mask or a traditional one, then you need to look at these few disparities between the two so that you can make sound decisions.

Breathing Mechanism
They differ. And is it something that you can see; especially on the space age-y design. The central bubble on the full face mask designs allows one to breathe from both the nose and the mouth. If you panic or you are anxious about some things while underneath, you can be sure you will breathe comfortably and in a more relaxed manner. The traditional snorkel masks, on the other hand, offers you an opportunity to breathe through your mouth alone; if you are caught up in distress, you can expect unhealthy ramifications.

A full face snorkel mask is designed to carry flat lenses, offering such a phenomenal panoramic view. So beautiful an experience. You can see a feature at its 180-degree field of view – and the images are less distorted. With the traditional snorkel masks, the story is different. Click for more ideas about snorkeling gear.

A full face snorkel mask gives you a room for coughing and even spurt. With the traditional ones, you want to ensure that you do not cough because you can’ risk to fill water into your snorkel tubes or suffer a choke because of salty water. The full face snorkel mask combats water issue using a valve, or a ball that sits at the upper part of the tube.

With a full face snorkel mask, you can expect no fog at all. They are anti-fog. So you won’t get fogged up while snorkeling. Fog can be a nasty experience for snorkelers. Traditional snorkel masks do not prevent fog; so you got to be prepared.

The latest snorkel masks can be folded without a hassle – that is, with all its entities, unlike the traditional one that has different components assorted differently. A full face snorkel masks come in a single piece, and you are always ready to go if you have it. To learn more, view here!

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